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When you ride a motorcycle and share the road with motorists of larger, closed vehicles, you are in constant danger. In addition to watching out for road hazards, you also have to be in constant vigilance of every other driver on the road with you. Any time there is traffic there is a greater risk that you could be injured simply because of the negligence of another driver rather than because of your own riding.

Those cars, trucks and buses that fly past you are far better protected than you are and all the safety measures you take for yourself may not protect you from serious injuries while on the road. If you are injured because of another driver, hiring a good motorcycle injury attorney is your best bet to gaining compensation after the accident.

Motorcycle Safety Tips
You have the right to travel safely on any road, regardless of what other drivers might think. As any motorcycle injury attorney can tell you, you have the right to protect yourself from potential injuries and as long as you follow the rules of the road, you also have the right for compensation, should an unfortunate accident occur.
Experienced motorcycle injury attorneys have several tips concerning motorcycle safety.

These include
o As a responsible motorcycle rider, you should always ensure that your lights are in working order and used responsibly.
o Never ride your bike near the edge of the roadway. It is far too easy to be run off the road and seriously injured due to the negligence of another driver.
o A motorcycle injury attorney will also caution you against attempting to cut in between cars in adjacent lanes, as your sudden action could cause one or both of the other drivers to swerve dangerously close to your bike.
o The same goes for braking distances always leave plenty of room between you and the car ahead, just in case.
o Most important of all, as any good motorcycle injury attorney can tell you, wearing the proper gear, including a helmet and protective leather clothing can prevent you sustaining serious or even fatal injuries, should there be an accident.

If you are in a motorcycle accident and have been injuried do to no fault of your own contact a personal injury lawyer who has experience in motorcycle accidents.

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